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Town enacts own proof of vaccination policy for community centres in line with Province

September 23, 2021   ·   0 Comments

By Rob Paul

With the Province’s proof of vaccine policy going into effect September 22, people are now required show both vaccination proof and identification to enter restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theatres, sporting events, concerts, and event spaces.

The Town of Caledon is also requiring proof of vaccination and identification to enter all Town of Caledon community centres. This will apply to individuals ages 12 and over, with some exemptions. Individuals who do not provide proof of identification and proof of being fully vaccinated will not be permitted entry to the specified settings.

“As health and safety protocols continue to evolve under regional and provincial regulations, Town of Caledon staff will be required to ask for proof of vaccination and photo identification to enter Town recreation facilities as of September 22, 2021,” said Mayor Allan Thompson. “I am reminding Caledon residents who use our services to please be kind and respectful to staff who are working hard to provide timely and effective services, while helping protect our communities.

“Our customer service staff are not only public service providers, they are members of your community. They are your neighbours, family, and friends. Visit to find out what you need to ‘know before you go’ to a Town facility to help make the new protocols easier for everyone. Do your part to slow the spread of COVID-19 so we can all get back to Caledon life.” 

With the Province and Town’s proof of vaccine policy now in effect, Thompson says the Town is now focused on plans to allow for safe in-person services to resume.

“The Town Hall is working on a plan to increase in-person services safely over the next few months,” said Thompson. “We’re working on details on how to reopen and work with the Province on vaccination regulations and our own internal Town policies that are focused on health and safety of residents and staff.”

Peel has continued to see a high number of COVID cases with Peel Medical Officer of Health Dr. Lawrence Loh noting the fourth wave is underway in the Region. There have now been 115,828 total cases in the region with 501 new cases in the last week and two more deaths bringing the total to 993.

Caledon has also seen higher numbers in recent weeks with 29 new cases this week to take the total to 4,789—there were no new deaths with the number staying at 22.

In a recent discussion with Dr. Loh, Thompson pointed out that Caledon itself is a hot spot given its population compared to Brampton and Mississauga and that it’s been the worst during the fourth wave that the Town has seen it throughout the entirety of the pandemic.

“Mayor Thompson, you’re right, Caledon’s incidence rate is at 80.3 per 100,000 and its test positivity is at 6.6 per cent,” said Loh. “That said, we also know that Caledon is impacted by the issue with small numbers. Being a smaller population, a larger outbreak presents a more significant portion of the population. In terms of what we’ve been seeing in Caledon and the transmission and spread, it is concerning. A challenge has been that even for those who are vaccinated, they’ve sort of let slipped some of the precautions—distancing, masking, etc. Right now, if you’re out and about it’s still absolutely vital that you’re making sure you’re wearing your mask and distancing from other people. And if you feel sick, stay home, self-isolate, and get tested. It’s important to stress that COVID is not gone yet and stopping the spread means all of us getting to two doses of the vaccine and still sticking to the precautions as best we can, just for a little while longer.”

“We’re starting to get into the fall and it’s starting to get colder, so we’ll be more in doors,” said Thompson. “It’s better to keep those habits current so as we start to move into cold weather, we’re protecting one another.”

Loh has been adamant that the fourth wave will continue to make an impact in the reopening process if vaccine coverage doesn’t increase. The Region currently has 67.9 per cent of total residents fully vaccinated—74.5 per cent have at least one dose—and has administered 2,389,654 doses (22,825 doses were administered between September 13 and 19).

Of Peel residents 18 years of age and older, 85.7 per cent have initiated the vaccination process and 78.4 per cent have completed it—the numbers are similar for those 12 and older with 85.5 per cent at one dose coverage and 78 per cent fully vaccinated.

To download or print a copy of your proof of vaccination, visit To book a vaccine in the Region of Peel, visit



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