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Orangetheory confirmed all 100 locations across Canada will be leading work-out sessions virtually on Orangetheory Live, the science-based gym confirmed last Thursday. 

Coaches will be offering real-time motivation in a period where exercising has seen a dramatic decline. 

“While there are a multitude of at-home workouts available to Canadians, both free and paid, every one of these offerings fail to deliver on the most critical component of a successful fitness routine – the accountability and motivation that can only be delivered by a live local coach,” said Blake MacDonald, President of Orangetheory Canada, in a statement. 

“Our goal is to deliver world-class interactive, coach-led training to our members, regardless of the government timeline to re-open studios.” 

Based on a scientific approach, Orangetheory believes in excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). 

Exercise sessions are designed for patrons to use 84 to 91 per cent of their maximum heart rate in a one-hour session, consisting of cardio and weight training. 

“You can connect your OTbeat Burn heart rate monitor so you and your coach can track your splat points and see your personalized results in real-time. Doing so gives you the motivation you need to get you through your workout and helps your coach make sure you don’t overtrain or undertrain,” MacDonald said. 

For every minute of exercise, within the 84 to 91 percentile, one splat point will be awarded. If you achieve 12 splat points in a session, according to the science, your body will burn calories for 36 hours at a much faster rate. 

As an in-home exercise over Orangetheory Live, a sole proprietor similar to Zoom, this is quite different than in-person sessions. Member Associate Nicholas Hunt at the Bolton location says members have been pleasantly surprised with their results. 

“A lot of people are skeptical when it comes to a virtual work out. You don’t really see how good it can be. Once we’ve had members come out, they almost get the same amount of splat points as they would in-studio and almost the same calorie burn,” Hunt explained. 

With virtual work outs, coaches understand not every member will have exercise equipment at their disposal at home. Orangetheory is basing at-home sessions as cardio-based sessions and body-weight exercises. Equipment is simply a bonus. 

As for packages, members are encouraged to purchase a package deal and Orangetheory has reduced the prices. 

The premiere package enabling a member to exercise at any time will be reduced by $50, an elite package with the availability to exercise eight times a month is reduced by $50 and the basic package will be reduced by $20 for four sessions a month. 

“Orangetheory will continue to innovate as a response to Canadian health and fitness preferences. At this time, Orangetheory Live will be permanently included as a membership option,” MacDonald said.



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