Trucking in Ontario is not what it was

January 7, 2021   ·   0 Comments


In 1990, Ontario deregulated trucking and pulled most of the MTO watch dogs off the roads. So, now we see many couriers buying old highway rigs (longer rigs with sleepers) with over a million miles on them for not a lot of money and then push them till they break.

My company receives deliveries of bulk salt all winter and many times we have seen trucks like I mentioned pull into our yard and sometimes broken down, poor conditioned rigs, and sometimes with expired stickers and drivers who do not know their trucks very well at all.

This is what is on our roads every day and it really scares me as these are accidents waiting to happen.

We have our own shop with our own mechanics and pay a ton of money every year to keep all our fairly new trucks 100% safe as well as making sure to train all our drivers.

What happened to the Jim Browns, The Jimmy Dicks, Carl Farrows  of the industry?

Brian Perras




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