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New Burger King franchise sets up shop in Bolton

July 11, 2019   ·   0 Comments


Bolton welcomed a brand new fast-food restaurant to town last month, with Burger King setting up shop in the downtown plaza at 8895 George Bolton Pkwy.

The new establishment opened its doors to the public on June 17. 

“This is a family run business, we previously owned and ran a Burger King in Niagara Falls,” explained manager Mandy Pahal, who’s father-in-law and uncle co-own the Burger King. 

The family opened their first Burger King in Niagara, in 2013. 

Pahal said, in Niagara they had lots of competition with other Burger King and fast food franchses in close proximity.

The reason for the move from Niagara to Caledon was due to the fact Pahal sees  Bolton as a popular location, with the community never before housing a Burger King. 

Mostly all of Pahal’s employees are local residents or live in local communities. There are 25 employees, 20 full-time and 5 part-time. 

The family business has already began expanding in the town. In two months the family is opening two other fast food restaurants in the same plaza as the Burger King. The one restaurant will serve Mexican food and the other will be a pizza joint. 

They would also like to open another Burger King in Caledon, with the only other franchise in close proximity being in Brampton.

Pahal was introduced to the fast-food business after her wedding, when her husband Tanveer, asked her to help run the business in Niagara. 

“My family always wanted a fast food business and I was always interested in food,” Pahal said. 

Pahal went to Centennial College for Electronic Engineering, but as she was at school she began working at fast food chains and restaurants to help support her during the semester. However, as she started working for these restaurants she fell in love with customer service and food in general.  

Pahal decided not to peruse electronic engineering after she finished at Centennial and is now very happy managing the new Burger King in Bolton and welcoming her new baby girl, who she just gave birth to last week on July 3. 



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