Seniors and people with disabilities need access to transit services

March 14, 2019   ·   0 Comments


After the sudden passing of my mom, my adult sister Courtney relocated to Caledon to reside with me.  The transition was not easy. Courtney requires multiple medical appointments for her failing health due to congenital disorders. There are limited transportation options in our community and this created many challenges. Gratefully, Courtney has been using CCS’ transportation services for medical appointments and for her part-time job. The drivers, riders and volunteers have created a whole new sense of community for her. Without them, she would remain isolated in her home. I know only too well that social isolation and loneliness exacerbate my sister’s poor health.

 If you can’t get around in Caledon you’re in trouble. I encourage our community’s leaders to do something now. I appreciate that a transportation plan is being developed by the Town of Caledon. It has been in the works for a few years and one day will be a solid blueprint for Caledon’s transportation services. In the meantime, I see immense challenges here and now in the lives of seniors and people with disabilities when they can’t get around. I volunteer for an organization that provides services. We don’t like waiting for solutions when our most vulnerable residents are in trouble now and there is every reason to respond now. Planning and preparing is good. And while we’re waiting, I believe it’s worthwhile to support our most vulnerable community residents now. That’s what Caledon is all about.

Connie Stevens, 

Board Member, 

Caledon Community Services



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