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Caledon Citizen

Vol. 6, No. 1

Wednesday, March 10, 1982

Council votes out ‘Albion Township’

By Wes Keller

The battle over street names in Caledon took another turn Monday with approval by Town Council of a motion to delete the former Albion Township (Ward 4) from the naming bylaw.

And, by the same motion, Council voted to retain existing numbering in Bolton and Caledon East on Airport Road, Church, King and Queen streets.

The move by Council, not considered by observer as last to occur before the bylaw becomes effective, is seen by Ward 4 Councillor Emil Kolb as “a compromise to satisfy residents” and the results as “the least disruptive possible” to property owners.

Nor did the motion pass through council without more objections to the whole plan being injected from the gallery.

And the public is to be given a few more “kicks at the can” in what one councillor quipped could drag on until after the municipal elections in November.

The changes to Bylaw 82-5, solicitor David Ostler told a previous meeting of council, will have to be circulated or advertised in the same way as was the original bylaw.

And another public meeting is schedule before the amending bylaw gets third reading.

Although Monday’s meeting had been scheduled as the final in a series dealing with street-name, there was a minimum of discussion about the motion which will have the effect delaying implementation of the bylaw for at least two more months. 

The controversy has raged for about six years during which a strong citizen group has been formed to oppose street name, and at least some councillors would like to see the matter resolved, no matter where the political chips might fall.

“We can’t back away from the issue forever,” Inglewood Councillor Archie Gould said after Monday’s meeting.

“I feel strongly that we have to solve emergency problems (with a streets grid system. It will be an inconvenience to some people, but we only have to go through it (the final change) once.”

Councillor Kolb, commenting on the political implications in an telephone interview after the meeting at which his motion to except Ward 4 from renaming passed, said the remaining objections to street names appears to be to names chosen will be implemented within the year.

The Town if prepared to erect new signs, and this year’s budget is expected to reflect cost of the signs, he said.

Politically, he said council has been trying to select names which will suit most of the people without losing historical significance of names and without duplication names throughout the town.

“The aim is to achieve the best for the most people,” he said which emphasizing the need to establish a readily identifiable grid system.

“What little value do you place on a human life that you’re so naïve as to (not recognize the need in standardized street name)?” he asked.



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