Confusion over the citizen’s government page headlines

February 14, 2019   ·   0 Comments

According to Statistics Canada for November 2018, Canadian job numbers were up, unemployment was down, employment increased in six provinces including Ontario, and B.C, is doing quite nicely, thank you, with its carbon tax. So, when David Tilson and Doug Ford bleat out the party line to warn us of a “job killing carbon tax” and Sylvia Jones tries to sell the Greenbelt killing “Open for Business” Bill 66 as necessary for job creation, it rings of dishonest partisan pandering to an already uniformed base.

An idea … every other week alternate these columns with pieces from other perspectives. Maybe an op-ed from Laura Campbell, or an editorial from Justin Trudeau – nothing too severe to make Jake Hoke test the Peel paramedic’s response times.

Otherwise the government sponsored section runs the risk of being perceived as a Conservative propaganda tool the way I see it.

Harry Skid Crease




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