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Drinking Habits 2 brings lots of laughs to stage at Townhall Players

November 9, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Bill Rea
About a year ago, the Caledon Townhall Players presented an offering of a group of nuns who find that marketing a particularly potent brand of wine can pay some healthy financial benefits.
Well, if it worked once, it can work again, and that’s what the players are demonstrating with the sequel entitled Drinking Habits 2; Caught in the Act.
The cast of characters is back, under the direction of Stephanie Bailey and produced by Chris Bailey, although there are some new twists, involving the revelations from the Part 1 involving some previously-undisclosed parental issues, which have since resulted in marriage, engagement, pregnancy, as well as a new worthy cause that requires the efforts of the convent, and those nearby. This time, it’s an orphanage that’s close to closing, unless someone comes up with the necessary money in a hurry.
There are a couple of ideas for raising the money. Mother Superior (played again by Ingrid Chambers) decides to put on a play, while Sister Philamena (Teresa Duncan) and Sister Augusta (Jeanette Massicotte) have not forgotten their skill at making wine, which won international awards, and for which there is still a local demand.
Paul (Steve Redford), who is busy trying to overcome his stagefright so he can become a priest, while also trying to overcome being left at the alter by Sally (Jennifer Bartrum), is pressed into directing the play, while his father, Father Chenille (Mark Chambers) tries hypnosis to help his son conquer his stagefright. The groundskeeper George (Gord Gardiner) and his wife, a former aspiring nun Kate (Carrie Dodds), who is now pregnant, are also acting in the play. Poor George has a terrible time remembering his lines, and Kate can’t stop eating.
The whole plot is further complicated by the seeing of visions, magic tricks that just never seem to work, narcolepsy and bottles of wine that keep getting confused with bottles of grape juice.
The stage is set for plenty of laughs, including countless pithy one liners.
“Reverend Mother’s been as happy as a kitten under a leaky cow,” Sister Philamena observes at one point. “She hasn’t yelled at us in months.”
There are also some insightful comments.
“Love is the one thing easier done than said,” Kate observes.
Again, in keeping with the fact the story is set in a convent, the stage is rather basic. That helps, because there’s a lot of movement and coordination that has gone into this production.
The laughs continue tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday nights, as well as a matinee Saturday.
Call the Box Office at 519-927-5460 for ticket information.

The cast of the Caledon Townhall Players’ production of Drinking Habits 2: Caught in the Act are (standing) Gord Gardiner, Steve Redford, Jennifer Bartrum, Mark Chambers, Teresa Duncan, (seated) Carrie Dodds, Ingrid Chambers and Jeannette Massicotte.
Photo by Bill Rea



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