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Tour de Terra Cotta not running this year

June 15, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Bill Rea
It’s become something of a Civic Holliday tradition in Caledon, but it’s not going to take place this year.
Organizers have announced the Tour de Terra Cotta has been cancelled for 2017.
“I think it’s just lack of volunteers at this point,” Mayor Allan Thompson commented, observing that some of the people who had volunteered previously had moved away. “There’s just not enough manpower to carry this thing under.”
“It takes a lot of logistics and organization,” he added. “I’m very disappointed.”
“I’m very disappointed that there’s no race in 2017,” remarked race director Brad Hains, who pointed out it’s resulted in good things for the community.
Last year’s event raised about $38,000, but it took the efforts of almost 100 volunteers.
“There were some things that went on that put us in a position that we weren’t able to run the race this year,” Hains explained.
He said some of the long-time volunteers were working on a different structure to deal with the proceeds of the race, with money to go to various charities. It was seen as money raiser for the refurbished community centre in Terra Cotta. The group said no other charity was to get more than 10 per cent.
Hains said he explained that in March to a group representing the community centre. “It was clear they weren’t happy with that,” he observed, adding they indicated they were not prepared to keep supporting the race.
Ted Webb, who helped found the event, said they had also lost some of the sponsorship. Dimpflmeier was not going to be involved, he said. As well, he said that four couples who had been major helpers on the race had moved away.
“It wasn’t just one thing,” he remarked.
“It’s a shame,” he added. “It was out of my control.”
He also pointed out there are other mechanisms in place for raising money for the community hall, including a golf tournament, meaning the race is no longer an essential money-maker.
“It’s not a priority for the people in Terra Cotta any more,” he commented.
Although the race is off for this year, there are hopes it can be resurrected in the future.
Thompson said he was optimistic something could be brought in to replace the race, but not this year.
“They’ve all agreed for now they’re parking it for this year,” he commented.
“My hope is we might be able to work something out,” Hains said. “It’s done for this year.”



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