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Local psychotherapy and counselling clinic ‘there for those in need’

February 20, 2020   ·   0 Comments


Psychotherapy is a relational and talk-based therapy, intended to help individuals improve their mental health and well-being, according to the Dig a Little Deeper Psychotherapy and Counselling clinic. 

People turn to psychotherapy and counselling when their daily lives are continuously being affected by their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 

Dig a Little Deeper strives to bring a “much needed” service to the Caledon community.

Located in downtown Bolton, founder, owner and clinic director Christina Crowe wanted to bring an easier, and more accessible clinic to Caledon, that has no wait-lists.

“I started practicing as a therapist part-time in 2015. I had another full-time job at the time, and couldn’t take on more clients than just the handful I had. The group was born when I realized there were more clients, and a lot of waitlists when I tried to refer people to other practitioners,” explained Crowe. “The solution I found were recruiting other therapists from my (post secondary) alumni group where I completed my Masters, who were willing to come to Caledon and work with me to serve the community here. I stayed part-time myself until mid-year last year.”

The Dig a Little Deeper clinic provides services not only for troubled adults, but for children, adolescents, couples and families. 

The team includes registered psychotherapists, but also graduate interns who are getting into this type of medical field. Crowe serves not only as a registered psychotherapist, but a clinical supervisor as well. She overlooks and provides supervision for her team of registered psychotherapists. 

Psychotherapy can seem like a scary term to some. But it serves as a support and, really, an ear when we need it. 

“It’s important to have psychotherapy services available locally to support the needs of people, without forcing them to jump through what can seem like insurmountable obstacles  at the very time when it is hardest. When we are down.  Many times, when life gets rough, we can help ourselves, turn to our family and friends, community, spiritual beliefs,” said Crowe. “And then there are times when we get stuck, or for whatever reason it’s too hard to talk to others. That is where we come in. We can assess where someone is at, help coordinate their care with the medical community if necessary, and support their journey back to wellness with evidenced-based techniques, compassion and non-judgement.”

According to the Dig a Little Deep website, some common things people reach out to therapy for include: Anxiety, or excessive worrying, coping with perfectionism, depression, grief, marriage therapy, divorce or co-parenting support, remarriage, ADHD coaching and behaviour skills training, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and complex trauma, reducing self-harm, addictions and trauma, life transitions, difficulty coping in general and/or stress management, chronic or terminal illness, caregiver burnout, job related burnout and/or career transitions, psychoeducation, which is learning how to optimize your mental health

The Dig a Little Deeper clinic differs from other clinics because of their variety of licensed therapists available, and of course, there are no wait-lists. 

“All of our therapists have their own post graduate training and further sub-specializations, as well as the assurance to the public that they can expect to receive a high standard of care, no matter who they see.  It’s a lot of work to be a clinical supervisor, from the additional credentialing to the time it takes to so it properly,” said Crowe. 

She added, “The only reason I did it was to find ways to offer more services to the community. It’s important to me that we support the advocacy of mental health services – a huge part of that is accessibility.”

The team at Dig a Little Deeper have thoroughly enjoyed working with the community and look forward to serving residents the best way they can. 

“Serving this community has been a wonderful experience and I’m always looking for ways to ensure we are doing very good work, and helping as many people as we can,” said Crowe. 

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