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‘The Psychic’ a sensational success at Blackhorse

January 23, 2020   ·   0 Comments

Blackhorse Village Players “The Psychic” is a thrilling murder/mystery/comedy where characters team up and pull the wool over the audience’s eyes in a fascinating whodunit.  If that’s confusing, it will all come clear in the final scene of this enthralling play.

It could only be done by the likes of some of the best talents that frequent Blackhorse Village Players: there is Vince Ursini as Adam, an author who writes so repetitively characters regularly end up murdered and found in the same illegally parked space.  Ursini slides smoothly into a role that emphasizes the trials and tribulations of a wannabe-best-seller. He’s on the hunt for murder and mayhem, but twists in the plot will lead to hilarious and totally unexpected happenings. It is no wonder he ends up moonlighting as a psychic.

Never are the twists more believable than in a rewrite enacted by a troubled and “edgy” Laura Benson (Jane Bolton), sarcastically doubting, but in search of Adam’s psychic powers.  

What happens next belongs to Morris Durante, as the gangster Johnny Bubbles. Durante brings out the best in every scene, abetted by the murder of Laura’s husband, Roy. (Mark Hayward) Hayward’s performance sets Adam’s plot into motion, careening into suspects galore, each with different stories, different plots, and different endings.

Then there’s Rita Malone (Jenn Burns), who brings out the best in Bubbles. She’s slinky, she’s fresh, she’s scantily dressed.  Burns spices the role with a flash of humour, fun, and glamour.

Director and Producer Margaret Phillips with assistant director Susan Jalbert, knit together a plot with such twists each role dabbles in facts that veer off on a tangent of fiction.  Expressions mean as much as dialogue; an inviting glance, a tip of the hat, a sudden appearance onstage, add as much as the dialogue that multiplies the success of a scene.  “The Psychic” is, fittingly, something sensed as much as performed, and in every way it spells success.  See for yourself; view “The Psychic” at Blackhorse, playing now till February 2nd.  Call 905-880-5002 for ticket information.



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