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Caledon Public Library shares economic impact report with Council

November 7, 2019   ·   0 Comments


The Caledon Public Library (CPL) stood before council to share results of the library’s economic impact report that showed a value of $7.3 million of items borrowed. 

Colleen Lipp CEO, alongside administration and management were excited to present their economic growth and contribution from the Caledon Public Library. 

“Libraries have long measured their success based on the number of books that are borrowed, a number of visitors to our branches and a number of preference queries that we answer. This is all still true, but what we learned is that it’s also necessary to calculate the value that these services provide to the community,” states Lipp.

The study of economic impact for the Caledon Public Library shows an impact of more than $14 million, explaining that residents receive $4.21 in benefits for every dollar invested in the library. 

“Measuring and communicating the Library economic impact aligns with the Board’s strategic objective to build relationships by raising stakeholder awareness of the inherent value to the community and highlighting the need for continued investment in services and facilities,” says Lipp.

CPL were not the first library to partake in a study like this one. It was first developed by the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto for the Toronto Public Library to gather the benefits from programs, activities and services and using data to understand the spending, employment and procurement. 

A copy of the report became available to the board in May of this year, with most of the work was completed in 2018 using 2017 data.

“Our analysis provided some impressive results. The value of items borrowed totaled $7.3 million. The benefit to the nearly 17,000 residents who attended our programs was over $620,000. Our efforts to bridge the digital divide and support residents’ needs for accurate and timely information were valued at $350,000,” explains Lipp.

The study of the library’s economic impact goes to prove what the Caledon Public Library works to accomplish, by bringing value to our community in more ways than one. 

Area Coun. Ward 2 Christina Early shares kind words for members of the Caledon Public Library.

“I want to thank you for your passion and resistance for moving library forward. You’re a driving force, you’re constantly communication with the board and your team and I know just how important a library, and growing a library and making sure we stay current is to you. Well done,” says Early. 

“Many residents make full use of the benefits provided by the Caledon Public Library – and for those who don’t, we hope this entices them to come on in and see what they are missing,” says Lipp. 



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