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How does one resist the urge to talk politics? First our PM was recently revealed to be either 1) a terrible human being or 2) a terrible person to invite to a Halloween party (perhaps both.) This crisis came about because of Mr. Scheer who has claimed responsibility for the “schmear” campaign that initiated this latest electoral crisis. Mr. Singh was shown on the evening news sighing dramatically, shaking his head in “sympathy” with those feeling victimized by Trudeau’s “colourful” behaviour, but hey, at least he was seen on TV! So, while I think I’d rather stick pins in my eyes, when you add in a still fairly “green” Green party leader and a ranting PPC bigot (can I say bigot?) we are left with a cornucopia of candidates to choose from but so little actual choice that I’m left with no choice but to talk politics. Speaking of politics, how does one even go about attempting to make an informed decision about who should lead us in to our climate challenged future? Is Greta Thunberg available? She’s about the only one currently talking any sense.

Now before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, particularly our local candidates, I’m not suggesting each of you are tainted by the folly, bigotry, ineptitude or skullduggery of your party leaders. I’m sure, like many before you – you entered the political fray with the best of intentions to help make Caledon Dufferin a better place for families, businesses, entrepreneurs, farmers and our community. You all seem like nice people. 

Chad Ransom grew up right here in town according to his website and his whole family including the in-laws still reside in the area. Good to know. What will also prove important to know is how he reconciles the PPC’s support of freedom of speech (which presumably includes the freedom to say some not so nice things about immigrants) with our changing demographics right here at home. I wonder too how local farmers feel about the PPC’s proposal to “abolish industry cartels that force us to pay high prices for milk, cheese, eggs,….” and more. 

Kyle Seeback has had to defend his election as the local PC party candidate from those who accuse him of wearing a parachute. First, he defended himself for serving as an MP for Brampton, next he defended his address (he’s lived in Orangeville for quite a few years) and finally he’s had to defend himself against rumours and shenanigans that took place during the second attempt by the PC party to find a candidate to represent us. He’s also had to defend himself against other allegations too but that’s old news – or is it? 

Michele Fisher has a winning smile and a heck of a campaign team (to the casual observer like me) and that might be enough to help her avoid being tainted by the scandal of Trudeau’s donning of black/brownface. She also believes action on climate change is necessary so that’s a plus. As I’ve written before – climate change is real folks and we need to get on the bandwagon of change sooner than later. 

Allison Brown was just recently elected as our NDP candidate and we’re still trying to get to know her. According to her website she’s an award-winning nurse with expertise in health care. That should come in handy when talking about her party’s platform of universal pharmacare and improved medical care for all. Anything is better than our current hallway healthcare but at what cost? Like her leader however, we need to know more about them both before we can make an informed decision. 

Finally, there’s Stefan Wiesen. As an immigrant himself one assumes he understands the immigrant experience first hand. The Green Party has quite a lengthy explanation of their policy on immigration. You should read it. In fact, the Greens have actually done an excellent job of outlining their policy on just about everything; from indigenous peoples to gender equality, LGBTQ rights and more. Too bad their reputation is typically only associated with climate change because Green policy statements have so much more depth. In fact, if you do your research (which of course I strongly urge you to do) you might find that online, the Green party has the most clearly defined and easily accessible policy statements of all the parties. 

It appears, despite my assertions about sticking pins in my eyes, I’ve talked politics after all. I’m no farther ahead however in terms of reconciling the earnestness of our local candidates with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours of each party leader. Tempted to change long-standing political loyalties because of a general lack of faith in your current party? Me too, but how do you develop faith in any party? I suppose, like when learning about anything new, you read, investigate, ask questions and try to speak directly with the candidates. It’s been enlightening so far. Don’t get your “information” from facebook or even, sometimes, the evening news. I might have a strong and visceral reaction to Trudeau dressed in black/brownface (at an age when he quite clearly should have known better) and you should too. The reality is however we probably all have something from our past for which we will one day be held accountable. In the meantime, look to who might serve us best locally. Do your homework Dufferin Caledon because Greta isn’t available – much to my chagrin. 



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