We need GO Transit in Bolton

June 20, 2019   ·   0 Comments


The provincial government’s decision to cancel the two GO Transit routes that operate through Bolton was nothing short of a slap to the face to local residents.

So many people rely on that extremely valuable service each and every day. You take it away and people all of a sudden won’t be able to get to their jobs down in the city. They won’t be able to get to their school. 

It’s a decision that has been based solely on money, and that is wrong. GO Transit is a service the province provides to residents in Ontario. We help to pay for it through our taxes. Taking away the only two public transit lines that link Bolton to larger communities in the south is wrong. It’s unjust. 

I commend Mayor Allan Thompson for fighting this decision. It’s one that absolutely needs to be addressed and rectified by MTO.

Not every decision has to be about money. Think about the people for a change.

James T.

Bolton resident



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