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Home James plans to support local June events

June 6, 2019   ·   0 Comments


If you’ve ever been out on the town at an event and realized you’ve probably imbibed a little more than you should have, you have several options rather than risking your life and the lives of others on the road by driving your car home.

Home James Caledon is an organization of volunteers dedicated to saving lives by providing a free designated drive service for impaired drivers in their own vehicles. HomeJames is a division of the Community Designated Drivers Association.

The group is usually active in November and December when holiday parties are in full swing, however this year they are also working in June during several events.

HomeJames works in teams. If you call them, they will be arrived in a vehicle, then drive you home in your own vehicle safely, before joining their partner for the next assignment.

Local auto dealerships support the group by letting them use their shuttle vehicles as team vehicles for the night.

“It’s a community initiative where local volunteers drive individuals’ home in their own vehicles,” explained Christopher Bava, HomeJames marketing director. “Volunteers get together in November and all of December. The vehicles are donated by local dealerships – we use their courtesy shuttles. We go out in teams of two on service calls to whoever calls us. We pickup up a client, and one of our drivers drives their car home while the shuttle chases it. Once we drop them off, that volunteer comes back to the shuttle and they go to the next service call. This is a Caledon, Bolton, Orangeville initiative. Those are the three areas we operate it.”

With the early summer there are several events around the area that HomeJames has decided to support.

Several groups have called HomeJames to ask if they would help out at events were alcohol is being served.

“They called us and asked if we can set up a booth and that way if people want to drink they can come to your booth. We usually have one or two teams there to take them home in their own car,” Mr. Bava said.

Upcoming events were HomeJames will be present are Wines of the World, on June 7. Cheers Caledon on June 14. And Caledon Day on June 15.

You can call HomeJames for a ride, contact them via their app, or by email. You can also pre-book a ride.

You can visit the HomeJames website to learn more information about how to register by visiting

Of course, it is up to you to drink responsibly when you’re out on the town, however, if things don’t go as planned, HomeJames would rather you call them than risk your life and the lives of others on the road.



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