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Caledon’s Tricorn Hat Trick for Humour

June 6, 2019   ·   0 Comments


Andrew Welch was awarded Ontario’s Most Humourous Town Crier for the third straight time.

As defending champion from 2018, he also walked off with an overall second place finish for this year – a result that he’s more than happy with.

“Personal commitments left me with less time to prepare this year, both vocally and for writing”, said Welch.  “Competition proclamations take a significant effort if you want to do well, so I was thrilled to be the overall runner-up.”

Welch can be seen at formal occasions, where he’s been called up to bring pomp and pageantry to an important municipal ceremony.

While most of the Town Crier’s civic duties follow a certain formal protocol, Welch always tries to slip in some entertaining wordplay or crowd-pleaser.  It’s what keeps people listening and engaged.  But he always looks forward to the freer rein provided by business openings, weddings, and milestone birthdays, where his writing can really rise to the occasion, and his clever comedic talent and top-rated delivery skills make all the difference.  Since this is what gets the busiest criers called back for repeat corporate and private engagements, most competitions include opportunities for this important aspect of the vocation to be judged as well.

The position of Caledon’s Official Town Crier was created in 2011, when Welch was first appointed to the role.  Since that time, he has fulfilled his duties with distinction, crying and leading parades not only all-around Caledon, but also regularly in Orangeville, Brampton, Erin, Mississauga, and representing his home town at competitions all across Canada.

“I figure a town crier proclamation is the antithesis of our modern-day world of anonymous fake news,” said Welch. “Everyone can see the mouth behind my content. Dissenters should be cautioned, though, that an officially appointed town crier is still considered a representative of the reigning monarch, and any attack or interference with the crier’s duties is technically considered a serious act of treason. It also means that my humour has to be tasteful and respectful.  The dignity of the office must be preserved, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have people rolling in the aisles”, admits Welch, with a wink.

This is never more apparent than at his favourite official Caledon function, annually inducting new honourees into Caledon’s Walk of Fame.  That’s always a proclamation not to be missed.  Any business or event organizer keen to add some of that talent to their own occasion is encouraged to contact Crier Andrew Welch directly, through his website or through the Town of Caledon.



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