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Thompson and others planning to run in this year’s elections

January 10, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Bill Rea
The year that’s just started is going to be a busy one in Caledon, made more active by the fact there will be municipal elections in the fall.
Several members of Caledon council have announced their political plans for the fall, while others are keeping their intentions to themselves for the time being.
Mayor Allan Thompson has said he plans to seek a second term at the head of the council table.
“I do know I’m going to be challenged,” he observed. “That’s what democracy is all about.”
“I’ve done the best job I could,” he added. “I call it my performance review.”
Ward 1 Regional Councillor Barb Shaughnessy said she is planning to seek office this year, but offered no comment on which one she’ll run for.
Councillor Doug Beffort was not prepared to discuss his plans.
“I’ve given it a lot of thought, but I don’t want to declare anything at this point,” he commented.
Ward 2 Regional Councillor Johanna Downey said she’s interested in a second term.
“I’ll be running again, absolutely,” she declared. “There’s still a lot of work to do.”
Councillor Gord McClure is among those who said he’s not made up his mind about seeking another term.
“It’s going to be an interesting election,’ he predicted.
The coming election is something Ward 3 and 4 Regional Councillor Jennifer Innis said she’s looking forward to.
“I’ll be seeking re-election to the same position,” she declared.
Councillor Nick deBoer said he’s likely to go for another term as area rep for Wards 3 and 4.
“I’m pretty certain I’m going to run for the same position,” he commented. “I’m enjoying the role and enjoying working with the community.”
Councillor Annette Groves said she plans to run for another term as Regional rep for Ward 5.
“I’ve worked very hard, I believe, over the last term,” she said.
Councillor Rob Mezzapelli was another who wasn’t willing to make an announcement.
“I’m still determining that, mainly with my family,” he said, adding he’s enjoyed being area councillor for Ward 5 for the last seven years. “I want to make sure it’s a balance with my family life.”
He added he plans to remain involved in the community, regardless of what he decides.



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