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Charges withdrawn against McClure

July 13, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Bill Rea
Caledon Councillor Gord McClure was a happy man last week after it was announced that conflict of interest allegations against him had been withdrawn.
Allegations had been made by Kelly Darnley against both McClure and Mayor Allan Thompson. The charges against Thompson made it to the Superior Court of Justice, where he was cleared in December, and awarded costs amounting to more than $78,000.
“It was a happy day for me,” McClure declared a couple of days after learning the charges had been withdrawn. “It’s a big relief off my shoulders.”
“Unfortunately, due to the high cost and personal burden, I was forced to withdraw my application of conflict of interest against Councillor McClure,” Darnley said in a statement issued Tuesday. “I will continue to fight for transparency at Town council and trust the voters will act on information that surfaced during this action.”



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