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Self-care is key when nurturing a successful business

January 9, 2020   ·   0 Comments


Julie Adamo Cass, CEO and owner of The Positive Change Group asks, what do you want? Really think about what you want. It’s a difficult question to answer, but not impossible. That’s where The Positive Change Group can help.

With 20 years of life and work experience in hospitality and in the health and wellness industry, it didn’t take long for Julie Cass to know what she wanted to do with her life – to help others. 

“Growing up and being active as a kid and playing sports, in leadership positions in school was transferred into career choices, and actually getting involved in the spa business in the early 2000’s, was really my first initial dive deep into health and wellness. That lead me into opening a spa, leading a full team of employees,” Cass said. “I then became a yoga instructor, and just kept learning modalities around self-care.” 

She added, “From there I cofounded a spa consulting business for salons and spa owners, helping grow their business and working with different therapists. I just really believed in helping and empowering people to become the best version of themselves and I think you can do that through self-care, which led me to continue and go on to become a certified health coach and a certified transformational coach as well.”

The Positive Change Group is a consulting company that focuses on helping business owners, individuals and leaders strive in all aspects of their lives in order to be successful in their business, but also in life.

According to the website, Cass explains, “As a health and business coach, I teach and train individuals and teams to create balance in their life.  The results are miraculous because you can thrive in all areas of your life; Health, Relationships, Home life, Career, Wealth, and the Connection to that which is greater.”

In addition to helping people discover and fulfill their dreams in career and in life, Cass had dreams of her own. Her passion on uniting a community with health and self-care through workshops, events and visioning sessions. 

“When we opened up our office location in Inglewood, one of my dreams was to do community events. I’m really passionate about bringing people together in the community,” says Cass. “I’m really excited about a half day workshop we have coming in the Spring, which is called ‘Power your life’, and that is really about just being able to achieve whatever it is, whatever your desires are, and helping people discover and actually dig deep to really discover what their true self and true desires are.”

She added, “We’re also doing a spring detox which helps people hit the reset button, kind of like changing the fuel in your car, you need to do that a couple times a year, so we’re going to do a group detox for people who are interested.”

The Positive Change Group partnered with Mums in Business Association (MIBA) to host a discussion and workshop on Jan 7. 

MIBA is a network association that allows mothers from all over the world to connect and learn from each other. MIBA has only just come to Canada, which Caledon-Dufferin being one of the first associations to open in Canada.

“The Mums in Business Association was founded in the UK, two years ago by two sisters who really were entrepreneurial in their mindset in their businesses of their own and found that despite there being numerous working opportunities and groups in their area, none specifically targeted moms or provided what they needed at the time which would be for a day time event and able to bring their children,” explains Danielle MacLean-Gové, Caledon-Dufferin Coordinator for MIBA, and also local business owner herself, of Simply Au Natural. 

She added, “In today’s world, there’s so many women that work from home, and that are trying to find what the association has to offer, that it caught like wildfire. They have just taken off and have over 200 locations worldwide, where these meetings and connections have been established. It just started this Fall in Canada, and there are about five locations, Caledon-Dufferin being one of the initial starting points in Canada.”

To build a successful business, and to fulfill those desires that one has, its begins with caring from yourself. Cass explains how if you skip past that major aspect of self-care and creating a happy balance within yourself, the motivation and strive won’t be the same in creating it with your business.

“One of the most important things, I think, is when you look at the generation. I am a big believer and this is one of my mottos, is the most important relationship is the one that you have with yourself. I think that’s not necessarily something that was taught or modelled to most of us, and especially as women, we tend serve others first thinking that it’s a very selfless act. But then the problem with that, is it starts to show up and manifest in ways such as anxiety, stress and ultimately people have we see that more now than ever, with the push and pull of technology and demand and overstimulation,” says Cass. 

She emphasizes the importance on creating that self-love and self-confidence brings contagious positivity that those around you can’t help but gravitate towards. 

“The relationship with yourself has become the most important, so when you can go inward and cultivate elf-love, and make small changes in your life and nourish yourself, makes you actually self-less because you show up in a better way and have more to give and offer other people around you,” says Cass. “In the workplace, that is so important, if we can set a positive work environment and start from that example, others will follow.”

She added, “I find accountability a big thing for people when they want to create positive change, hence the name of my company, it’s really about helping people connect to a community that wants to inspire and grow, make those changes. The vision for our local workshops is really health and wellness and the community connection, empowerment and motivation.”

For more information about The Positive Change Group and upcoming events and workshops, please visit To learn more about Mums in Business Association, check out 



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