Protestors made “Caledon look bad” 

September 9, 2021   ·   0 Comments

(Re: Protestors should be named and shamed, says resident, September 2) 

What a bunch of idiots! To think that I might be shopping amongst them! 

Shame on them for making the whole of Caledon look bad. 

I am eighty, but when I was young we were given Polio, Smallpox, Diphtheria & TB shots that have practically eradicated these killer diseases. 

Just think of all the lives that have been saved because of this, and all the lives that could be saved from COVID-19 if we only use a little common sense and help eradicate this pandemic from society. 

Go get your shot people, help keep the kids safe, and keep them away from these “Rallies”! 

We have an election September 20. That is where we should voice our opinions on all perceived lies, deceit, hypocrisy and malfeasance that have eroded our freedom and democracy in recent years. 

To the protesters: “Make your displeasure known at the ballot box.” 

Cicelia A. Hoke 

Caledon East 



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