Resident gives thanks to Caledon Fire and Emergency Services

April 1, 2021   ·   0 Comments

It has taken us a while to get to a place where we have some time to write and say thank-you to the women and men that serve the Caledon Fire and Emergency Services.

At about 1:00 a.m., on Sunday, February 22, 2021, my wife, and I were woken up by the sound of our smoke alarm. Disoriented and suffering from some smoke inhalation, we found that our home was on fire, which was spreading rapidly. We put on some clothes, grabbed a few possessions, and headed out the door. We called 911 during the scramble and the first fire truck was on site 11 minutes after the call.

Through the course of the evening, our home was attended to by apparatus and firefighters from 5 Districts involving 11 trucks and some 38 firefighters throughout the night from: Station 309 Caledon Village; Station 301 Alton; Station 308 Mono Mills; Station 303 Caledon East; Station 305 Inglewood.

 Although everyone had the daunting task of attending to the fire, we were constantly provided for with food, coffee, and consolation. Although this was a horrific evening for us, the event was made as comfortable as possible by the concern and care of the people involved.

We’d like to give a special thanks to the Deputy Chief of Operations, Mr. Colin Hanna. Aside from managing the huge task at hand, he found time throughout the evening, to come speak with us, to provide updates and reassurance. He asked us at one point what alerted us to the fire. When we indicated that it was the sound of the smoke alarm, he reiterated that this is a never-ending message from the Fire Department; WORKING SMOKE ALARMS SAVE LIVES. It certainly did in our case.

Thank you again, to everyone involved. We are grateful and proud of each and every person that attended the call that night. We are incredibly thankful that we live in an area and time that has volunteer professionals, like these, that risk their lives in order to maintain the safety of others. We are humbled in your presence.

 Forever grateful,

 Wanda and Rob Olma




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