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Local psychotherapy & counselling clinic opens up in Bolton

July 30, 2020   ·   0 Comments


One local group of health care providers have come together to provide the Caledon community, whether that be couples, families, children or individuals, with vital mental wellness care.

The Story Isn’t Over held their grand opening on Tuesday (July 28), where founder Trish McLean, along with her team, cut the shiny red ribbon, beside Mayor Allan Thompson and Ward 2 Regional Councillor Johanna Downey. 

The Story Isn’t Over was developed by McLean who was in constant frustration several years ago when trying to seek help for a family member, and even herself. The lack of education, resources and facilities resulted in her creating her own clinic, now located in downtown Bolton. 

“I’m aware of how difficult things can be in a family with a family crisis, or a child sick, or a relationship breakdown, things can very easily fall apart. One thing I was passionate about is not just giving good quality service to people who are struggling with mental health issues, but also giving a family perspective, what’s called family systems in therapy where we treat the family as a system.”

The Story Isn’t Over has a variety of specialized health care providers who bring their own type of services to the facility. 

In addition to family, groups, individuals, children, adolescents and couples, art and music psychotherapy is provided, as well as specialized referrals and online/telephone counselling and even yoga. 

What makes The Story Isn’t Over different from other mental wellness resources, is the first-hand understanding behind each provider. McLean has battled her own mental demons over a number of years, along with caring for a family member who has suffered. 

But with that experience, McLean has become relatable, personable, and easier to open up to for those who seek her services. She told the Citizen that she looks for the same understanding in her staff. Each team member has their own story and endured their own journeys and have their own fill of training and experiences. 

“Sometimes I don’t know how therapists can do therapy, unless they’ve had their own struggles with mental health or experienced significant pain,” observed McLean. “When I look to hire people, I want to know that they’ve known what that’s like.”

She added, “This is why I’m so passionate about this, because I’ve seen the dark side of this and it’s not adequate. There’s no compassion,” said explained. 

McLean describes that 50 per cent of adolescent girls, from age 15 to 24,  will search for help with anxiety, and not reaching proper and consistent help affects their cognitive development as they continue to grow. 

“It’s such an acute period in our lives. When we develop as human being, when we develop our social skills, we find out who we are, we go to school and it’s a very intense growth period,” she explained. “If a kid’s not well, it’s almost like they stop growing. They don’t have the social skills, or relationships, or social media (accounts) because they’re dealing with acute anxiety.”

Through the series of services provided at The Story Isn’t Over, not only is there the help that is needed, but education as well. Education about different types of mental wellnesses and resources. 

The logo for The Story Isn’t Over is a semi-colon signifying hope and new beginnings. Their website describes their logo as “the choice to keep living and to thrive even in the face of mental health struggles. For many, it has become a symbol of hope; a fierce declaration that the difficulties we face are not the end, but merely promising a new beginning. 

“It’s not just a semi-colon; it’s hope, it’s inspiration, it’s who we are,” McLean says. 

McLean shared her story of struggling and coping with mental health issues within herself and caring for close family members over the years, and why The Story Isn’t Over meant so much to her. She expressed through her own experiences of depression and anxiety and her deep understanding for others, that everyone should know that their story isn’t over yet. 

She continues to work on herself, her family and is hopeful that she can reach those in the community who are searching for help. 

“I’ve struggled,” she said. “And when people come see me, a lot of them have been so jaded with therapy and talking to someone that gets it and knows that you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault. That’s a gift in itself.”

The Story Isn’t Over is located at 69 King St W, in Bolton inside a quant, comfortable and warm home-like house. 

To learn more about The Story Isn’t Over, please visit 



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