Andrea Horwath has no class

January 16, 2020   ·   0 Comments


Why would Andrea Horwath pick today, Thursday Jan. 9th, as Premier Doug Ford finalizes the family arrangements to say goodbye to his mother, The Very Popular matriarch to the Ford Family,  to address the public about a project the Provincial Conservatives are taking down? 

She has no class to do this so close to Doug’s Mom’s funeral. 

And if she considers herself the Opposition, shouldn’t she also be coming up with alternatives to everything she is always complaining about? It is so so easy to have a job being an armchair critic, and a good paying one at that. 

Andrea, if you consider yourself a leader….then lead! For everything Doug Ford does that you don’t like (pretty much everything by the looks of it) then finish your rants with suggestions of alternatives that might work better.

Anything Andrea, keeping in mind our previous government almost put us into chapter 11….  Or stop all the wining 

Brian Perras

Caledon resident



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