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Mayor Thompson says Caledon’s Official Plan will be ‘aggressive’

January 16, 2020   ·   0 Comments


The Town of Caledon had a busy 12 months jam packed full of hard work, planning and engagement. Mayor Allan Thompson looks back on notable accomplishments from 2019, and what the community can look forward to going into the new year.

When asked what key achievements stand out for 2019, Mayor Thompson reflected on both the big wins and the small.

“Of the key accomplishments, I’m happy we were able to bring some (high speed)broadband into Bolton. We got the fire station completed, and we’ve paved over at least four kilometres of roads in Caledonthis past year, and that’s unheard of,” says Thompson. “We had a very aggressive work plan last year, and there was a lot of small wins as well.”

On Oct 8, 2019 The Town of Caledon selected Vianet to install and set up over eight kilometres of fibre optic cable in south Bolton with high speed broadband internet service. 

“Having access to high speed internet is absolutely vital in today’s economy,” Thompson said. “The new fibre in the Bolton Industrial Park will provide Caledon businesses access to the services and technology they need to compete locally, nationally or internationally. Our Council has never wavered in trying to find solutions to addressing this vital community need. During this term of Council, we are focused on taking even more action to bring broadband to more homes and businesses in Caledon.”

But if he could have it his way, he would install fibre-optic broadband all over Caledon for residents. He would also have liked to accomplish opening the Southfields community centre, which he indicated is long overdue. The facility will be opening in the Spring. 

Mayor Thompson describes the biggest project that he is most looking forward to in 2020 – the Town’s Official Plan.

“This is a total makeover. The last 40-year document served us well, but we do have to (give more focus  to) growth. I don’t want it to be developer led, I want it Caledon made, by Caledon residents. So, we got a huge engagement plan to engage the community on how our community is going to look going forward, and this is going to be the most aggressive work plan that we’ve ever put together on an official plan,” explains Mayor Thompson. “It will take two years to finalize, but we have a year to get the work done. And this is the year.”

Mayor Thompson alongside the rest of Council look forward to working with residents and the community to gather ideas, information and opinions on what the Town can do going forward.

“There’s going to be a lot of interesting meetings coming up as part of the Future Caledon Initiative. There’s going to be a lot of great ideas, things we haven’t even heard or thought of, that a lot of times come from residents. We’re really looking forward to this. I think that is the biggest part of the work plan this year,” says Mayor Thompson.

He added, “This isn’t just planning for the next five to 10 years. The decisions we make are going to have an impact on our children’s grandchildren too. We have to make sure we get it right.”

MPP Sylvia Jones as well as MP Kyle Seeback are on their own paths to shape 2020, and Mayor Allan Thompson looks forward to working alongside them. 

“MPP Jones really stepped up and took the leadership role in regards to the transit matters. It’s been extremely great working with the Town and getting the Minister’s attention and I’m very appreciate of that initiative,” comments Mayor Thompson. “I’m looking forward to working with MP Kyle Seeback as well. We all serve our residents, and we all serve our community and it’s extremely important that we have good relationships with all our partners.” 

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