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Upcoming environmental workshop to provide climate change solutions

November 7, 2019   ·   0 Comments


This Saturday, EcoCaledon and the Caledon East United Church have partnered to organize an environmental workshop to educate and help you create action plans to create a more sustainable and reducing life. 

Climate change, and finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint, is becoming a main priority when it comes to living. Caledon has seen it’s fair share of aggravating weather such as the flooding earlier this year. 

The Caledon Environmental Solutions Workshop is specific to different ways that residents individually and as a community can do to reduce creation of C02’S. 

The workshop alongside other projects were inspired by ‘Drawdown’ which is a book written by Paul Hawkin. The book goes into explicit detail into approximately 100 different solutions split into seven sectors on how to reduce on an individual, community and global scale, by the year 2050. Out of the seven sectors, the Caledon Environmental Solutions Workshop will be highlighting five. Food, energy, buildings and cities, transportation and materials. 

“The whole idea is around climate solutions and actions you can personally take yourself, that’s the focus. Everybody’s kind of wanting to do things to contribute, in terms of reducing their footprint, and helping reduce the amount of C02’s we get in the atmosphere,” says John MacRae, Co-Chair of EcoCaledon. “There’s going to be a lot of interesting pieces for people, to make it a fun and active workshop.”

The workshop will have experts in specific fields to provide proper education and action plans in the area of their expertise. These experts practice solutions in their own lives on helping reduce, and will provide ways on how residents of Caledon can do the same. 

The workshop will be on Saturday Nov 9 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. hosted at the Caledon East United Church. 

For more information or to register to the workshop, please visit or contact for any questions. 



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