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Brand new pump track opens up in Alton Village

August 8, 2019   ·   1 Comments


Alton Park is now home to a brand new BMX and multi use pump track. 

But – what, exactly, is a pump track? 

A pump track is a continuous loop of dirt berms and smooth dirt mounds that people can ride without pedaling. Cyclists of all ages and skill levels can ride any pump track.

“A lot of people had spots in the community that were unsanctioned, it got to the point where municipalities and the riders started to have to work together to create legitimate sanction facilities in our communities,” said Chris Dewar, president of Transitions Bike Parks Inc. “And that’s where I saw an opportunity to be involved, from a rider and volunteer standpoint, and then eventually I got more and more involved” 

On Saturday, the Town of Caledon and the Alton Village Association and Lynx & Hare Cycles held a grand opening for the Alton Village Pump Track. Mayor Allan Thompson participated in the opening ceremonies and was very overwhelmed by the great turnout in the community. Over 50 people attended the grand opening and barbeque at Alton Park. 

“This track was designed to complement the landscape, while providing a fun and challenging track for our youth and children to enjoy cycling, skateboarding and using a scooter,” said Mayor Thompson. “This is a great example of the types of spaces we can create for our young people in our rural communities.” 

A spokesperson from the Town’s recreation department said this location was not the only one being considered for a pump track, however the Alton community responded so well to the idea, the Town decided to build the pump track in Alton Village. 

Transition Bike Parks Inc. offers professional experience in a variety of projects for stakeholders. From the design and development of public municipal bike parks to full-scale XC trail systems. 

Dewar collaborated with residents in the town about the concept for the track. It was tendered by the municipality in 2018, with construction beginning in late 2018. It took about four years from conceptual design and initial consultation to the finished project. 

Transition Bike Parks designed the track in 2016 and construction began in 2018 by TDI International AG Inc., and was completed this summer. There are two tracks that were built, the main track and the junior loop. The junior loop is for young children and is 25m in length whereas the main track is 175m in length. 

“We didn’t grow up with things like this. This is only th sixth municipal asphalt track in Ontario and I think this is the way of the future. The maintenance and traction that you get with asphalt is superior to any other product,” said Dewar. “And, the cost per square foot is really low compared to tradition sports like hockey or baseball.” 

Transition Bike Parks worked with New Line Skateparks on the design for a small skateboard park that is slated to begin construction in 2020. The skateboard park will be adjacent to the track.

Dewar started the company Transition Bike Parks 15-years-ago and they have done many projects like this one, in other towns across Ontario. Last year they did a track in Stratford and another one near Trenton. 

The grand opening had kids attending from a range of different ages; moms and dads were even attempting to ride the track. The turnout at the event was a clear indicator of how much cycling means to the residents in Alton. 



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  1. JessC says:

    Loved the pump track! Thanks to Lynx and Hare for hosting the Grand Opening.

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