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Town of Caledon launches traffic calming program

May 16, 2019   ·   0 Comments


A traffic calming study has been developed by the Town of Caledon.

Dubbed ‘Putting the Brakes on Speeding,’ It will be used to help address issue of excessing speeding including cut-through traffic across the town and improvements to road safety for all users.

“Traffic calming is important when traffic volumes, vehicle speeds and or driver behavior are considered to be inappropriate for the type of adjacent land uses and the pedestrian, cyclist and other activities that occurs along their streets,” states a Town release. “Traffic calming is important to ensure continued safety of all road users, motorist, cyclists and pedestrians. It is a method of encouraging responsible driving and continued awareness of all road users

An interactive map was developed where users are able to either a ‘green thumbs up’ icon indicating where speed limits ae working and a ‘blue car’ icon noting where people speed. They can then add comments and attach a photo for support. It can be accessed by visiting

Troubling areas include downtown Bolton with 34 issues in the area. One user wrote, ‘Way too fast moving north towards downtown. Needs 50kmh enforcement,’ and another wrote ‘Cars race up the hill going over 100.’

The area of Mayfield West and Southfields Village with 46 issues in the area. One user wrote, ‘Dougall and Kennedy is awful – people don’t stop at the stop signs, don’t wait for people to finish crossing at the crosswalk (school zone), and speed,’ and another wrote, ‘On Kennedy Road between Larson Peak and Dougall, there is an incredible amount of speeding at all times of the day. It is very dangerous and loud.’

Funds in the 2019 budget were specifically designated for traffic calming measures. A new staff co-ordinator was hired to deal with the number of requests to implement stop signs, crossing guards and other resources.

Council and Town staff receive a number of public complaints regarding traffic infiltration, volumes, collision frequency and excessive speeds. The Town will consider implementing traffic calming measures.

The Town is seeking public input to understand the community’s perspectives and current behaviours. They state the study and eventual strategy could be tailored to addressing the specific needs of Caledon residents.

Feedback will be summarized into a ‘What we Heard’ community engagement report that will be put together by the consultants and delivered to the Town. It will be available at the Town’s website in September 2019.

Community feedback will continue to be sought until June 2019.



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