Love, not hate

March 21, 2019   ·   0 Comments


Apart from heartless, hateful, satanic values of evil that walk on our grateful earth, there are those of us that are different. For we have hearts of love. Its only our physical appearances that differ, but our values, morals, kindness, love and respect of their beliefs unite us all.

The sins of our world continue as the Holocaust rears its ugly face in New Zealand, destroying loves who went in peace with hearts of love to pray. 

Voices hear around the world spoke up loud and clear in prayer, pain and tears with overwhelming ongoing sadness. The unspeakable agony of innocent and precious children taken out of hate, leaving so many lives that will forever suffer the aftermath of this horrific hate and ask why?

The sings of our world – never to be forgotten 

Alice Malick Pettit 




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