Will the real Sylvia Jones please stand up?

March 14, 2019   ·   0 Comments


 I like Ms. Jones.   However the Sylvia Jones that I had come to know doesn’t seem to be around anymore. Forget about what political stripe you are. Let’s talk about personality, integrity and standing up for your beliefs, not someone else’s. Where has Ms. Jones gone?

I remember when Jones was a strong supporter of autism, and riled against the Liberals for the cutbacks they made, but quickly restored, when they realized the mistake they had made! How can someone turn around so fast and ignore the hardships of families coping with autism? Families who find themselves in random unfortunate circumstances deserve help and protection from their government; but I am not seeing that.

I really don’t believe this is the style of Jones, but it is the style of the dictator leadership at Queen’s Park! I think that as a politician we should expect our MPP to have some original thoughts and ideas to present in the House, and not to just read from a script that proclaims the thoughts of the leader only.

I would like to touch on the ongoing scandal of finding a new OPP Police Commissioner.  The choice of Ron Taverner came entirely from the Premiers office, and Mario Di Tommaso, Taverner’s former boss obligingly, after lowering the requirements of the position, appointed Mr. Taverner after weeks of rumination. I believe that the people of Ontario deserve a Commissioner of the highest qualifications, not someone who is a family friend of the Premier. I would put it this way; if Doug Ford needed his appendix out, he would ask for the best surgeon available. I  think Ron Taverner  showed good judgement when he turned the appointment down. Taverner has spent his life devoted to community service as a police officer and I thank him for this.

These are very interesting times with governments all over the world, not just in Ontario!  Seeing the protests and the violence people are dealing with tells a sad story. When 1% of the world owns 90% of the wealth, something is really wrong! In his last book called “Don’t Let My Past Be Your Future”,  Harry Leslie Smith says, and I quote: “…This rise in Right-wing extremism exists because left-wing politics did not address the needs of those in the working class who were abandoned by neo-liberalsim and globalisation…..if we ignore the simple human need for people to feel that they can prosper in an economically chaotic time, we will always be under the thumb of the conservative politicians.”

I am a Liberal, and  I believe in fiscal responsibility. But we must not allow politicians to destroy one of the best education and health care systems in the world! 

Exactly who is representing the interests of Dufferin Caledon riding and other Ontarians at Queen’s Park?



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