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Re: Kudos to Caledon Councillors and Our Mayor, opinion, Feb. 28

Thank you for the piece in the Caledon Citizen this week.  Since we are extending kudos, I would like to do so through you via a future piece to the many people who attended the meetings regarding the asphalt plant proposal.  In specific terms, I would like to say thank you to:

The many women who attended the October 2018 meeting and the January meetings who had to arrange day-care for their children after already having a very busy day looking after their families;

The journalists who attended the meetings and gave an accurate account of what occurred;

The many members of the public who after work, drove to Caledon East from Bolton and from greater distances to attend meetings which they knew will affect their Quality of Life and in particular, the health and safety of their family members.  In doing so, they gave up their own time and scares resources on gas to attend the meetings;

To the many persons who had the courage and determination to attend the October meeting and the January meetings to put forward their/our opinions and concerns;

To those who read the newspapers and who care enough to prepare letters to Council expressing their legitimate concerns and expectations of Council to properly represent the people who elected them to office and who will continue to make sure that Council members represent their constituents properly, thus making democracy stronger.  Without the regular input of people there is no transparency and accountability;

To the employees who made the physical and other arrangements at Town Council so that the public could clearly make our interests communicated and understood. The Mayor and elected councillors are accountable to the public, not to themselves.  The mayor and councillors are very well paid out of our tax dollars. This also applies to the top guns in the Town’s bureaucracy.  When elected representatives act according to the community’s best interests and concerns, they are doing their jobs as we all expect. When people decide to run for public office, they should only do so out of a commitment to the public.  Sadly, these days, in my opinion we often see too many politicians at all levels who run for public office because it is a good gig or to satisfy their own egos or/and because of their own business and other interests.

Joe Grogan


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