Caledon’s Future is Now!

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Taken from the Mayor Allan Thompson’s Inaugural Address: Dec. 4, 2018

I re-affirm my commitment to serve the citizens of Caledon.  And, to continue the work of creating a connected, financially responsible, and environmentally sustainable Town.

To my Council colleagues I say:

We are in this together and I look forward to working with each of you.

We have all been through a long and tough election campaign.  Now is the time for us to come together. Coming together doesn’t mean that we need to agree on everything. In fact, democracy is better served if we don’t.

To me it means that Council should be a safe place where we debate issues and share our thoughts with respect and integrity.

Here is my vision of a connected, financially responsible and environmentally sustainable Caledon:

• A connected Caledon will see town-wide access to affordable high-speed broadband

• Innovation hubs and spaces that foster and facilitate creativity and discovery. And, support small business, start-ups and entrepreneurism

• Seniors’ will be better connected to programs, services and housing, and youth to recreation and jobs

Being financially sustainable will mean that:

• Community will support local business and local business will support community

•We have a healthy industrial/commercial tax base to keep residential rates affordable and sustain our protected areas and farmland

•And we will be well prepared for both the expected and the unexpected through sound fiscal municipal planning

Caledon is well known for being clean and green, we are the heart and lungs of Peel Region.

Our natural heritage, parks and trails are a key reason why we are such a desirable municipality. To me an environmentally sustainable Caledon will:

•Have active transportation features as a standard on our roads and in our new plans of subdivisions

•Explore green innovative technology options and opportunities    

•Support, encourage and celebrate businesses and residents who demonstrate environmental stewardship

•Have the broadband to better support tele-commuting

•Have developed a successful made in Caledon transit plan

These outcomes are not so far off into the future

In fact, we have achieved many and are working on others, for example:

•Our partnership with SWIFT

•The establishment of CBIZ (Caledon Business Innovation Zone) to help new and small business owners

•Attracting world class large employers like Canadian Tire, Amazon, and UPS

•Construction of the Southfields Village Community Centre

•Planning for the expansion of the Caledon East Community Complex

•This last term we rolled out our LED replacement program

•Greening our Town Fleet

•The installation of electric vehicle charging stations across Town

•Grants for businesses to make green improvements and retrofits

There is more work to do and I can tell you it’s not a one-person job. It takes a team and I have the great fortune of having two great teams, Team Caledon and Team Thompson.

With these two teams helping me, I will proudly and humbly serve in the best interests of Caledon, for what I believe is a bright and prosperous future.



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