Fears over cannabis stores are misguided

December 6, 2018   ·   0 Comments


Cannabis shops will be at the forefront of discussions for municipalities in the New Year.

Oakville, Markham, King Township and East Gwillimbury councils do not want a shop in their community while other towns and cities, such as the Town of Caledon, have yet to make a public opinion or vote.

A report will be presented to the new Town of Caledon council once they are sworn in, settled in their new roles, and have thorough knowledge on the issue before they make their decision.

The provincial government has already laid out their plans for regulation. Rigorous training for retailers will be mandatory, a license will be prohibited if an organization is connected to organized crime or sells to minors, with federal laws able to impose a 14-years sentence on offending retailers, and stores will be at least 150 metres from schools.

Whether or not Caledon council plan to vote yes or no, is up to them, however the town would benefit from Cannabis shops in the community.

Cannabis stores can provide another way for towns to generate money in their financial coffers. There’s ample opportunity when a municipality receives a new source of income. They can begin projects that have been delayed, expedite current ones, and redistribute that new money into infrastructure for deteriorating roads, schools and wellness clinics. Imagine if you were told you had a chance to make more money. Imagine what you can do. You’d be able to buy that new car you’ve been eyeing at the dealership, afford that family vacation you want or make some repairs to your house that you’ve been wanting to for years. The opportunities are endless when a new legal source of income is generated.

If Town council does decide, however, to vote down on cannabis stores, it won’t stop consumers from smoking in town. Caledon is surrounded by Orangeville to the north and Brampton to the south. If users can’t buy their herb here, they’ll just go to the neighbouring town and bring back their weed back home.

I’m sure most can agree that there is nothing wrong about drinking alcohol in moderation. I’m sure the same can be said about cannabis and as such hopefully most people can be responsible enough to consume cannabis in sufficient amounts, such as they would alcohol during the holidays, birthdays or even after work.



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