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For the third annual Art and Artisan Show and Sale on Thanksgiving Weekend, seven fine artists of different mediums will offer you a variety of art pieces for sale, as gifts, as something special for yourself. All this and a very splendid hot apple cider are yours to enjoy in the Hockley Village Hall, as the show advertises the location, “just south of Hockley General Store.”

The show and sale is running in the Hockley Village Hall on this Thanksgiving weekend: Friday, October 6, Saturday, October 7, Sunday, October 8.

Organizer, Catherine Howard, loves the fact that the art on display for this show is more than paintings or prints to put on a wall.

She names the participants and talks about their work with justified enthusiasm: “Ann Randeraad is one of the top potters – she has some fabulous new work with the different method of firing she’s doing.”

In fact, Ms. Randeraad’s wonderful new line of pots and mugs, plates and bowls are showing new designs accomplished by old methods. The results are exciting and her own creation.

“Marion [Morgan] incredible hand-crafted jewellery,” Ms. Howard began to say. “People are loving what she’s doing now.”

She went on to list, “Robert Chisholm’s fabulous art..” is impressionistic, landscapes largely and also what might be referred to as “moments in nature.”

Johan Koeslag is the photographer for this show and sale. Come and see for yourself the cleverness and skill in his work.

“Donna Bigonzi is a new addition to our group,” Ms. Howard said. “People look at her art and they smile. It is fun, lovely, whimsical art.”

Ms. Howard herself is part of the exhibition and sale, bringing, in addition to some of her original paintings, her new Recipe Art, her favourite old recipes set in beautiful background of her original design or something as old fashioned as the recipe. They are layered on fine board and ready to hang – in the kitchen.

In addition to the art and Ms. Howard’s “famous hot apple cider,” there is also a “bountiful basket full of goodies to be won – our biggest yet, worth about $350.”

Officially, the hall’s designations, along with the antique church beside it are now the Hockley Historic Community Hall and Church (HHCHC) which was recently Incorporated as not-for-profit on April 5, 2018, set up to administer and protect both the buildings.

Once it was clear that the church was no longer viable as a church, with attendance at such a low level that could not support the services of a minister to attend to the “three-point charge of the congregations of Hockley United, Adjala United and Mono Mills United Churches, the United Church of Canada conveyed Hockley church to the community, on the condition of its being cared for.

Janice Mason, who has been keeping the books and holding on to these two precious heritage buildings for the community and the larger benefit of Ontario’s history for several years, told us that the people with the Ontario Historical Society “were just wonderful – I can’t say enough about how they helped me.

“The OHS was formed in 1899 by an act of Parliament, when they already saw Ontario’s history was going to disappear.”

The newly Incorporated HHCHC is, likewise, to rent the buildings out for example, in the Church: weddings, baptisms and special occasions; in the Community Hall, regular classes or meetings, special events like this weekend’s Art and Artisan show and sale. In the Community Hall, there is a full kitchen, including dishes and cutlery – and a dish washer – to accommodate many types of meals. Ms Mason told us that a family had their annual family Christmas dinner there.

Both Ms. Mason and Ms. Howard are pleased that, on this weekend, there is a wedding in the Hockley Church on the Saturday and then, the Adjala Hand Quilters are holding a show and sale at the church for Sunday and the [holiday] Monday, Oct. 7 and 8. It was good to see the places being used to such good effect over the whole weekend.

The 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Art and Artisan Show and Sale is on all weekend from 10 am until 5 pm. at the Hockley Village Hall. Just south of the General Store.

It is definitely worth the drive.



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