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PC Leader Doug Ford vows ‘change is coming’ in surprise Caledon visit

April 26, 2018   ·   0 Comments


Doug Ford was in Caledon this past Monday (April 23) where he announced plans to scrap Kathleen Wynne’s cap and trade fund, and fight Justin Trudeau’s plan for a carbon tax on Ontario.

“There is a whole industry of special interests and lobbyists coming up with new names, and schemes to try to fool people into paying this new tax,” said Mr. Ford. “But the people will not be fooled, they see right through the carbon tax. They know it is just another Liberal scheme to put the government’s hand in your pocket.”

He pointed out that in the ensuing years since British Colombia became the first province to introduce a carbon tax, gas prices in Vancouver are now over $1.50 per litre.

“In BC it’s now open season on drivers and Kathleen Wynne wants to follow suit,” said the PC leader. “If you need to drive a car to get to work, to school or to pick you your kids from daycare, Kathleen Wynne will have her hand in your pocket every time you fill up your car.”

Mr. Ford said that by eliminating Wynne’s cap and trade fund, an Ontario PC government will reduce gas prices by 4.3 centre per litre at the pumps. “We’re going to scrap the carbon tax. We’re going to put more money in your pocket. Change is coming. And help is on the way.”

He added that he will go to the Supreme Court to stop Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to create a federal carbon ax on Ontario families. “I guarantee you that the only thing we’re going to cap is taxes and the only thing we’re going to trade is Kathleen Wynne.”



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