PCs should ‘stick to facts and not scare tactics’

March 22, 2018   ·   0 Comments

There’s a famous quote by Joe Biden: “Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.”
The 2018 Provincial Budget will outline a path to return to balance, building on the province’s long track record of strong fiscal management.
Ontario’s economy has been performing strongly. In fact, it’s outperformed nearly every other major economy in our orbit, thanks to the hard work of the people of this province.
The Ontario Progressive Conservatives will say anything to get elected — including undermining the facts. Doug Ford has claimed we are currently in economic turmoil, but we know this is not that case. Ontario’s unemployment rate has been lower than the national average for 34 months in a row, and currently sits at a 17-year low.
They have claimed Ontario is not an attractive place for business, but the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s recent report on Ontario’s economy, found that business prosperity in Ontario was at a 20-year high.
The Ontario PCs need to stick to facts and not scare tactics. The Liberal government has continued to show that we know how increase economic growth, while improving the quality of life for all Ontarians.
We know families are under a lot of pressure and with our upcoming Budget, people will see major investments in the services they need: health care, home care, mental health care and child care. This means reduced wait times at hospitals, like Headwaters; expanded homecare services and financial relief for families caring for aging loved ones and expanded access to mental health care and addictions services. This critical moment in Ontario is no time for a government to step back or make more than a $1 billion in deep cuts.
Doug Ford’s plan? If he becomes the next Premier, all of the economic progress we have made will be at risk. He says “Let me be clear: No one is getting laid off,” but independent economist Mike Moffatt estimates the cuts in the Conservative platform will result in “approximately 40,000 fewer Ontarians working as teachers, nurses, doctors and university professors than there otherwise would be.”
I ask you, does this sound like a man who wants to help everyday Ontarians?
I urge you to consider who is really fighting for you.
Bob Gordanier,
Provincial Liberal candidate,



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