Talk of the Town by Mayor Allan Thompson — Shop local at Christmas

December 11, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Here we are at the height of the Christmas shopping season.
Big box stores, malls and online shopping are all competing for your consumer dollar. There is another option to choose from — shop local.
When you shop locally, you are investing in the community you live in.
It’s also smart economics, environmentally responsible and health wise.
Caledon is an urban/rural blend of villages, hamlets and neighbourhoods connected by beautifully diverse landscapes and rich agricultural land. Within our boarders, we have the finest restaurants, designer boutiques, gift stores, farm and gourmet markets.
When residents support local and small businesses, there are tangible benefits and positive impacts, such as strengthening the local economy, attracting business, fostering innovation and creativity and creating a greater sense of community. As well, local goods and services lessen the overall environmental impacts. They provide good and even personalized customer service, and community pride and spirit is bolstered
Caledon businesses do their part to support our community. Just look at the back of any youth sports jerseys. Those businesses have chosen to set up shop, support community initiatives and hang their sign here because they know, like we know, that Caledon is a special place.
So instead of getting ready to tackle traffic or fight for a parking spot, visit our hamlets and villages and shop for Caledon this Christmas.
Please share with me your local shopping stories or pictures, and I’ll post them in my January newsletter.
Happy Shopping.



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