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Liberals not impressed with People’s Guarantee

December 7, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Bill Rea
Ontario’s Liberals have little praise, but lots of questions when it comes to the Progressive Conservative platform unveiled by Tory Leader Patrick Brown last weekend.
“There are a ton of questions that are left unanswered,” Transportation Minister and Vaughan MPP David Del Duca told the Citizen.
He made the comment last Thursday, the morning after Brown addressed about 100 of the party faithful at Brampton Fairgrounds.
One of the key issues Del Duca raised was where the Tories are going to have to find some $12.75 billion to make their plan, called People’s Guarantee, hold together. He added his Liberal colleagues have been asking Brown to level with people about what services would have to be cut to make it work, but he doesn’t seem to have the courage to do that.
“It’s kind of sad,” Del Duca said, adding it could lead to some “really, dramatically bad decisions.”
Del Duca said the last PC government sold Highway 407 to a foreign consortium, filled in the hole that was to accommodate the Eglinton subway and cut funding to GO Transit.
“We have built so much over the last few years,” he boasted, adding Premier Kathleen Wynne is fighting for fairness and a strong economy.
“I think in this day and age, if you’re telling the people of Ontario you want their vote, . . . you have to have courage in your convictions,” he added.
Del Duca commented that in his public life, he saw only one PC  Leader who actually addressed how his plan would work, and that was Tim Hudak. He said that Hudak planned to fire 100,000 public servants.
“The voters rendered their judgement on that proposal,” he observed.
“This is about people’s lives,” he added. “This is about their quality of life.”
He charged that Brown thinks it’s a game, but added he still has time to level with people.



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