Budget presentation was impressive

November 30, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Re “Tax hike of 3.35 per cent being proposed” (Caledon Citizen, Nov. 16):
Congratulations to the Citizen for getting it right.
Bill Rea’s article on the Town’s 2018 Budget was thorough, balanced and accurate. I listened to both sessions of Council that day and was thoroughly impressed with the Town staff’s explanation of the budget process.
Only one Regional councillor, who claimed to have spent hours studying the budget, was still having “a hard time” and “just trying to understand” the details. However, Treasurer Heather Haire and CFO Fuwing Wong clearly answered all questions posed by Council along with a comprehensive print copy for attendees.
On my little piece of heaven here in Bolton, that 3.35 per cent adds about $14 a month to my 10 tax installment payments, or one hour of a living minimum wage per payment. And that’s pretty easy to understand when we get clarity in good governance and good news reporting.
Skid Crease,



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