Keep the hoods closed

October 2, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Regarding page C9 in the Sept, 21 edition of the Caledon Citizen:
The second picture from the top depicts a yellow car with its hood and trunk lid raised.
I find it unfortunate time and time again. The most recent occasion being at the Brampton Flight Centre open house earlier this month, that old-timer exhibitors display their vintage cars with the hoods raised.
I appreciate that there are many who like to view a well greased engine with chrome plated parts, but I think a car displayed as one may have seen it on the road generations ago garners much more interest and nostalgia, not to mention photographs, than those vehicles with the hoods raised. It detracts immensely from the overall impression and aesthetics of a historic car.
Wulf Graunitz



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