Town of Caledon — Programs to save on business utility costs

September 7, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Katelyn McFadyen
Manager of the Energy
and Environment Division
Town of Caledon
While there has been some relief in pricing through the Ontario Fair Hydro Plan, utility costs continue to place financial pressures on businesses.
But there is help.
Caledon’s Community Improvement Plans for Bolton, Caledon East and the six villages have an Energy Efficiency Retrofit Grant which provides businesses incentives to make retrofits that contribute to the energy efficiency of a building. For information, got to
In addition, Caledon’s two utilities (Hydro One and Enbridge) offer incentive programs to implement measures that lower utility costs.
Hydro One saveONenergy Programs
There are a suite of programs available to businesses organized into two “buckets”:
1) Prescriptive Programs: In general, these programs provide an incentive “per unit” or per item that is being retrofitted. Some examples of these programs include:
• Small Business Lighting Program: Eligible businesses will receive a free lighting assessment and up to $2,000 in incentives to upgrade lighting to energy efficient fixtures.
• Peaksaver Plus: Businesses that have central AC and/or an electric water heater are eligible to receive a free programmable thermostat. During the hottest summer days, temperatures will be adjusted slightly to help manage summertime peak demand.
• Audit Funding: Unsure about what options you have to reduce energy use? This program offers up to 50 per cent of the costs associated with energy audits.
• Retrofit Program: This program provides incentives to implement an array of measures from efficient motors to HVAC redesign. Depending on the type of retrofit, you could receive an incentive per unit (i.e per lighting control).
2) Custom Programs: These programs may be more suitable for larger projects, providing incentives based on electricity savings over the pre-retrofit consumption. Non-lighting retrofits receive $800/kW or $0.10/kWh saved, and lighting incentives receive $400/kW or $0.05/kWh saved.
Unsure how to tackle the grant application forms? No problem! Hydro One has contracted the services of ClearResult to guide you through the grant application process. Contact
Enbridge Gas
Incentive Programs
Enbridge Gas offers a suite of programs to assist customers in lowering their natural gas consumption. Some of the key programs include:
• RunitRight: Experts identify opportunities for savings provided in a report. Enbridge will then provide incentives (up to $8,000) to implement the measures. After the visit, you are provided with a real time energy monitor for up to 12 months to track energy use and set thresholds for anomalies.
• Equipment Upgrades: Enbridge offers programs for upgrading natural gas consuming equipment such as boilers, showerheads, controls, heat recovery systems, demand control ventilation in kitchens etc. Applicants could receive 10 to 30 cents per cubic metre up to 50 per cent of the project costs, to a maximum of $100,000.
• Ozone Laundry: To support hotels, nursing homes and commercial laundry facilities, Enbridge offers funds to upgrade laundry systems with Ozone Laundry, a type of system that cleans with cold water, reducing demand on natural gas.
For support on your Enbridge gas applications, contact an energy solutions consultant at:
Additional programs are offered for larger industrial operations. Contact Hydro One or Enbridge Gas to find out more.



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