Traffic changes approved on Olde Base Line

July 13, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Bill Rea
Motorists are soon going to have to drive slower along stretches of Olde Base Line Road.
Peel Regional councillors last week approved staff recommendations to reduce the speed limit from 60 km-h to 50 on the stretch from Winston Churchill Boulevard to a point 180 metres east of Creditview Road. It will also drop from 60 to 50 km-h from a point 400 metres west of McLaughlin Road to 100 metres east of McLaughlin.
The staff repot to council stated the Region completed an environmental study report about three years ago on roads in an area bordered roughly by Olde Base Line, Bush Street in Belfountain, Mississauga Road and Winston Churchill. It was determined sight lines between Winston Churchill and Mississauga could be improved with road reconstruction. But it was also determined that such reconstruction would be restricted by various cultural heritage, environmental, aesthetic and property constraints.
Staff also suggested stretching the 50 km-h zone further to the east. That would allow for an easier transition when the speed limit drops to 40 in the area of the Cheltenham Badlands.
There are also plans to make the road easier to use for cyclists.
Staff pointed out the Region’s Active Transportation Plan calls for the creation of attractive, safe accessible and integrated bicycle-friendly environments. Meetings were held last year, as part of the consultations regarding the proposed Badlands parking lot, and the Region was asked to look into “sharrow” of shared use lane markings along the road, as well as “no passing” signs.
Paved shoulders are planned between Creditview and Mississauga Roads as part of this year’s resurfacing project. Such shoulders are not possible between Creditview and McLaughlin because of constraints to the right-of-way.



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