Caledon’s volunteer and corporate community keep a legacy going

June 20, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Seventeen years ago, I returned from the Sydney Olympic Games after my athlete Simon Whitfield won the gold medal in the triathlon race.
To honour Simon’s great accomplishment, a few dozen local volunteers helped create Caledon’s first Kids of Steel Triathlon Race.
For 17 years, this race has continued due to the incredible hard work of C3, Stewart Barclay, many volunteers and the incredible community sponsorship of Kinetico Canada, Benson Steel, Royal Containers, Caledon Hills Bike Shop and numerous local service providers. Big centres like Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton don’t have a Kids of Steel Race, but Caledon does.
Because of this incredible community program, athletes like Andrew Yorke have gone to the Olympic Games and Taylor Reid and Sean Bechtel have won races all over the world.
It is with great pride, that we host the event each May and realize how lucky we are to have such broad support from the Parks and Recreation Department, Caledon council, local volunteers and critically the corporate support to keep the event going year after year. Thanks to all for keeping this unique Caledon event going each year.
Barrie Shepley
On behalf of C3 Canadian Cross Training Club and Kids of Steel Triathlon



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