Caledon village could use a pool

January 27, 2017   ·   0 Comments

I was totally astounded to read that the new pool for Caledon is to be built six minutes away from Mayfield Pool, and very close to a Brampton facility.
Local Councillor Gord McClure even voted against this facility in his Ward, as it didn’t make any sense. Two councillors were absent for the vote, and Ward 5 Councillor Annette Groves told me she would have voted against it, as well. This new centre will take patrons away from the Mayfield Recreation Complex, for example.
The taxpayers in east Caledon lost their pool, Caledon Central, a few years ago. Why not build the new facility there to replace the pool that was closed down? That would be the sensible solution. Caledon village could certainly use another pool, as the Bolton facility is quite small for the amount of patrons it has to serve.
I would like the Mayor to please explain why this happened, what is the rationale for it? Seems like a waste of taxpayers’ money.
Sandra Clarke-Forester,



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