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January 16, 2017   ·   0 Comments

As a senior recovering from heart failure and a stroke, I learned the hard way about the need for appropriate exercise, nutrition, financial literacy and attitude.
Apply these four cornerstones to your life, and you have much better chance of staying out of the hospital. For seniors, Participaction Canada recommends a lot of walking, not running which is hard on our knees and hips. And for total body fitness, only two sports made the list for seniors — swimming and cross-country skiing.
With our unpredictable snow patterns and the chance of hard falls, many seniors avoid the skis and head for the water. Which is why I applaud Councillor Johanna Downey’s efforts to bring a pool to her area residents. It takes long range vision to plan for our Caledon of the future. The population of our Town is expected to hit 100,000 in 10 years, a very large proportion of whom will be seniors.
We want to be able to walk to our wellness centre, to swim in warmer water than the Olympian hopefuls, to have full accessibility, including a wheelchair ramp and a lift into a therapy pool, and to have significant seniors discounts at least two days a week.
The static of council members who only think of short-term economic costs, and who gain attention through controversial attacks that distract from constructive development, should consider another occupation. Cheaper is not always better. Leave the planning to those with an inclusive and positive vision for now and the future. You can pay for me now, or you can pay a lot more for me later.
Skid Crease,



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