Rotary Club of Palgrave’s Weekly Rotary Minute

December 16, 2016   ·   0 Comments

By Roger Kenyon
Quick question: who comes first in your life?
To those who provide care, to those who serve, the answer seems obvious. Maybe it isn’t. Your first duty is to yourself. That’s a bold statement. To caregivers — mother, teacher, doctor — it feels uncomfortable. In Rotary or in any a service organization “self-first” feels like cart before the horse. My kids come first. Clients first. Community first.
But if mom falls ill, if the teacher is absent, if the physician is behind in training, what comes of those for whom we care? If the club is not strong in its membership, what comes of those we serve? These are roles too important to not have a stable foundation. Lives are impacted if the giver is gone or even falling behind. You come first. In fact, you have a duty to be your best. Others are counting on it. They are counting on you.
Rotary is its members. Regardless of the level, whether the local club or the international effort, Rotary is people. And Rotary is only as strong, only as effective as its membership. We’re ordinary folk, but together doing something just a little extraordinary. Leaving the world a bit better than we found it. We have a duty to be at our best. Others are counting on it. Because they are counting on us.
So please take the time to talk about the works of Rotary and encourage membership. Strong membership doesn’t just happen.
It’s nurtured continuously. And without effort it declines. Like mom, first keeping herself healthy, a robust Rotary Club is, in turn, better able to put those we serve above ourselves.
Please visit for more information on our Club and all the wonderful ways you could get involved.



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