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Ottawa Journal by David Tilson MP — Budget 2018 fails middle-class Canadians

The current Liberal government tabled its third budget in the House of Commons Feb. 27.
A strong global economy provided an excellent opportunity for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to deliver results for Canadians in this budget. However, he instead chose the path of failing middle-class Canadians, women and business operators, who are the very people he claims to be supporting, while also increasing taxes and piling on more national debt.
Canadians are rightfully concerned that the deficit for this fiscal year is $18 billion, which is three times higher than what Prime Minister Trudeau promised during the 2015 election. The budget isn't projected to be in balance again until 2045, which means these additional deficits will add $450 billion to Canada's national debt over the next 27 years. Borrowing on Canada's future isn't free — someone has to pay for it and that someone is the hardworking Canadian taxpayer.
Sadly, more than 90 per cent of Canadian families are paying more in taxes and after this budget. The current Liberal government also introduced new tax hikes on local business owners and their employees. This is in addition to the national carbon tax, higher CPP premiums, and scrapped tax breaks for families and workers.
The Prime Minister and his Liberal government's economic policies fail to make a difference in the lives of Canadians. Spending $35 billion on a new infrastructure bank helps wealthy investors, not Canadians who want shorter commutes; $1 billion for “Superclusters” helps big corporations, not Canadians struggling to find work; and $2 billion for foreign aid, but little for our veterans who the Prime Minister says are asking for too much while he fights them in court. Much of what has been presented to Canadians in Budget 2018 amounts to very expensive lip service. The unfortunate reality is that after almost three years of Justin Trudeau, never has a Prime Minister spent so much to achieve so little.
We, the Official Opposition, in stark contrast to the current Liberal government, are focused on bringing forward solutions that put hardworking Canadians before government. We've done this by introducing legislation that supports young families, new parents and persons with disabilities, all of whom are hurt the most by the current government's policies; introducing legislation that provides more transparency about how taxpayer money is spent; and we will support policies that create jobs and grow our economy, including the Trans Mountain Pipeline and a new free trade agreement with the United Kingdom.
Prime Minister Trudeau and his Liberal government are good at making promises; however, they aren't so good at keeping them. The Prime Minister's record to date makes it very difficult for Canadians to believe him when he says he wants to help the middle class. Budget 2018 fails Canadians by putting government before people. We Conservatives will always put hardworking Canadians and their interests first.
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