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Erasing Canada’s History 


The Trudeau government recently unveiled its new Canadian passport. Ministers Fraser and Gould proudly proclaimed it includes improved security features and new artwork to better reflect Canada.

The addition of this new artwork meant the removal of key moments and people in our shared Canadian history. For example, the Vimy Ridge Memorial, which represents a defining moment in Canadian history that saw our country emerge as a unified nation, has been removed from the new Canadian passport. The Royal Canadian Legion rightfully spoke out against the change, saying the very freedom the Canadian passport gives us to travel around the world is due to the sacrifices made by those who served Canada. 

Canadian hero and humanitarian, Terry Fox, who embarked on a run across Canada to raise awareness and funds for cancer research, has been removed from the new Canadian passport. Nellie McClung, one of Canada's most respected and well-known suffragists, an activist for women's rights, has also been removed. 

It's baffling these iconic images would be removed from the Canadian passport. It's even more baffling the Trudeau government would dedicate this much time and energy on changing graphics when there are so many other pressing priorities for Canadians.

We know an undertaking like this doesn't happen overnight. It's a process that's been in the works for some time now. It means when Canadians were struggling to have their passport applications processed so they could finally travel again, this is what the Trudeau government was focused on. Instead of working on the immigration backlog of 1,000,000 applications, they were spending their time on “new artwork” for their new Canadian passport.

Minister Fraser himself has admitted during their consultation process that, “no feedback we received that people found our history offensive.” 

Sadly, this recent example of the Trudeau government losing the plot so terribly isn't surprising at this point. It's exactly what Canadians have come to expect under the leadership of Justin Trudeau.  

After becoming Canada's Prime Minister in 2015, Justin Trudeau said Canada was a “post-national state.” Canadians are asking themselves if the recent removal of Canada's history (and symbols of our shared Canadian values) from the Canadian passport, confirms that he views Canada as no longer being a nation?

Canadians are proud of our more than 150 years history as a nation. There's absolutely no need to erase it. Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government need a reality check and fast.

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