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Caledon Citizen’s Student-Athlete of the Week: Humberview’s Athlete-of-the-Year Rehan Chaudry is courting success for the volleyball and basketball Huskies

By Jim Stewart

Rehan Chaudry has had a terrific year on and off the court at Humberview Secondary School. 

The Honor Roll multisport student-athlete was selected Athlete of the Year in 2023 and has led the Huskies on a hardware haul over the course of last school year and this school year.

Chaudry co-captained the Humberview Co-Ed Volleyball team to a gold medal at a D'Youville tourney back in the Spring and helped lead the Huskies Senior Boys Volleyball team, as Assistant Captain, to a silver medal at a tournament at Fletcher's Meadow this Fall.

The Huskies Senior Boys Volleyball team heads into the playoffs as the top seed so perhaps more hardware is on its way.  When not serving and spiking for the Huskies, Chaudry is fully engaged in co-curricular life at Humberview where he is an executive member of the Humberview Intramurals Club, participates in DECA, and serves at the co-president of the Muslim Student Association.

Chaudry is a multi-season athlete for the Huskies, too, who plays volleyball in the Fall, Varsity Basketball in the Winter, and Co-Ed Volleyball in the Spring. In addition to these court sports with the Huskies, Chaudry also plays rep basketball with the Caledon Cougars and, until recently, suited up for the Peel Selects Volleyball team.

Chaudry has impressed his Humberview Huskies volleyball coach Aya Utahara who believes that “Rehan's quickness, awareness on the court, and drive to always do his best makes him an exceptional athlete. Also, Rehan is always seeking opportunities to be a leader on his teams and takes the time to mentor younger athletes.”

In addition to Chaudry's leadership skills, Coach Utahara avers that “Rehan is a responsible student who is polite and respectful to all teachers and students” and is most impressed by “Rehan's willingness to always give 100% on the court.”

“Rehan never gives up on the ball and plays with intensity and focus.”

Coach Utahara highlighted his student-athlete's key performance moment: “Rehan was the co-captain of the Humberview Coed Volleyball Team in Spring 2023 that won the gold medal at the D'Youville tournament.”  

Kent Campbell, Head of Physical and Health Education at Humberview Secondary School, concurs with Coach Utahara and adds that “Rehan is currently the assistant captain of the Humberview Senior Boys Volleyball Team that won the silver medal at the Fletcher's Meadow tournament. The team is heading to the playoffs next week as the top seed in the North Division.”

Coach Campbell applauds Chaudry's dedication to the co-curricular life of Humberview Secondary School: “When he came to Humberview, Rehan embraced the opportunity to participate in school activities and on school teams. He showed that he was a student-athlete who was very coachable and willing to work hard to get better. He was always looking for ways to get better and tried to implement any suggestions that he was offered.”

Coach Campbell is also impressed with Chaudry's connection to community.

“Rehan is a polite student who is honest and forthright with his teachers.  He also recognizes that he has an ability to help make opportunities available for others to be active. Rehan was part of the group of students who helped start up the Humberview Intramural Program running during lunch.”

Coach Campbell cites Chaudry's “coachability, willingness to work hard in practice, and willingness to play hard during a match, but recognize that when the game is over, one needs to accept the result and recognize the skill and accomplishments of the athletes on his team and the opponents. Seeing him win Athlete of the Year last spring was great to see that his hard work paid off.”

Rehan Chaudry took time from his busy schedule of preparing for the playoffs, playing for school teams, and managing various clubs at Humberview SS to answer our interview questions:  

Caledon Citizen: What qualities did you demonstrate in your sports season to earn Student-Athlete of the Week honors?

Rehan Chaudry: “I showed qualities such as determination, good work ethic, leadership, and sportsmanship to earn Student-Athlete of the Week.”

Caledon Citizen: What were your key statistics and performance moments from the 2023-24 season that you are most proud of?

Rehan Chaudry:  “There are several moments this season that I'm proud of from playing on the volleyball team. These moments include participating in two tournaments last month and finishing first in pool play in both tournaments; moreover, our team has only lost one game this whole season. Lastly, I was named co-captain of the volleyball team at the start of the season. I'm looking forward to making many key memories in the basketball team when the winter season starts.”

Caledon Citizen:  In addition to your high school sports team(s), what other community teams do you play for and at what level?

Rehan Chaudry: “Last year, I played for the Peel Selects Volleyball team; however, the team is now dismantled. Additionally, I look forward to playing on the Caledon Cougars Rep team again for basketball when the team gets selected.”

Caledon Citizen:  How would you describe yourself as a student at Humberview? To which sports teams and clubs do you belong? Honor Roll?

Rehan Chaudry: “Throughout every year of high school, I've been an Honour Roll student and I understand that my studies are vital and should always be prioritized. During class, I'm always participating in discussions, attentive, and always making an effort to understand every piece of material. I'm an executive member of the Humberview Intramurals Club, I participate in DECA, and I'm the co-president of the Muslim Student Association. I'm currently the co-captain of the senior boys volleyball team and I look forward to playing on the varsity basketball team.”

Caledon Citizen: What are your post-secondary plans regarding prospective academic/athletic destinations?

Rehan Chaudry: “I want to study political sciences as my undergrad and then take my LSAT in order to go to law school to become a real estate lawyer.”

Caledon Citizen: Who is your role model in terms of the person you admire the most?

Rehan Chaudry: “I have numerous role models in my life and I'm grateful to all of them; however, one person specifically is someone I've always looked up to, which is my brother. I wouldn't be the athlete I am today without him and he's taught me countless lessons such as composure, handling pressure, and how to lead your team by example. The best part is, he always teaches me these values by doing them himself, he's never forced me to do anything, he always acts upon them himself and I always want to follow him.”

Caledon Citizen: How do you feel about being nominated as The Caledon Citizen's Student-Athlete of the Week?

Rehan Chaudry: “I'm grateful and proud I've been chosen by my teachers and to be able to receive The Caledon Citizen's Student-Athlete of the week. I'm happy my hard work has been noticed and I'm going to persevere and work even harder from here on out.”

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