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Caledon Citizen’s Student-Athlete of the Week: Alexandra Preventis is a 3-Time Winner on the 2022 Pepsi Titleist Golf Tour

By Jim Stewart

RF Hall CSS Golf Coach Ryan Daley is impressed, quite literally, with Alexandra Preventis's “perseverance through the storm.”

Despite playing in rotten Fall conditions and fighting a nagging back injury, Coach Daley's best junior golfer toughed it out and succeeded at the highest level of high school golf in 2022.

“Alex competed at OFSAA this year, representing our school and golf team. She competed alongside the top 100 girls in Ontario and, despite terrible conditions, she played very well.”  

The Grade 10 student at Robert F. Hall Catholic Secondary School competed at the highest levels of golf in 2022, including the Ontario Summer Games.

Preventis is already a savvy veteran of the prestigious Pepsi Titleist Golf Tour. She won three Tour events in 2022 and finished second on the Tour's final standings board.

In addition to these admirable accomplishments, Coach Daley admires Preventis's amiable presence in the school and her coachable disposition.

“You can always find Alex smiling or laughing in the hallways and she has been an absolute pleasure to coach and teach.”

Although Preventis represented her high school admirably at ROPSSAA and OFSAA in addition to posting her best personal score in 2022, Coach Daley is even more impressed with Alexandra's off-course core values and her on-course comportment.

“What impresses me most about Alex is her compassion and encouragement of others. Alex would always cheer on her opponent and congratulate them on their success throughout the round.”  

It is this blend of sportsmanship and skill—combined with her dedication to her high school studies—that qualified Alexandra Preventis as our newspaper's Student-Athlete of the Week.  Alexandra took some time from her busy schedule heading into the March Break to respond to our interview questions.

The Caledon Citizen: What qualities did you demonstrate in your sports season to earn Student-Athlete of the Week honors? 

Alexandra Preventis: Some qualities I displayed were perseverance, hard work, and determination. I suffered a back injury while practicing for a tournament in the middle of my season, forcing me to miss a month of golf. I was fortunate to recover in time for the end of my tournament season and the start of the school golf season. I finished second on the Pepsi Titleist Tour at the end of the tournament season. When ROPSSAA arrived, my back was still a little sore. While I was healing, I was also working hard to get in shape for OFSAA. But, with the help of my school team and family, as well as the desire to succeed, I gave it my all and competed.

The Caledon Citizen: What were your key statistics and performance moments from the 2022-23 season that you are most proud of? 

Alexandra Preventis: Out of all of my 2022-23 best performance moments and statistics, I would have to say I'm most proud of being able compete in the Ontario Summer Games, winning three tournaments on the Pepsi Titleist Tour, and being able to break my best score this year. I was also fortunate enough to make it through ROPSSAA to OFSAA and compete with many other talented girls. I'm proud of these achievements because golf is an independent sport and you need such a strong mental game. Being able to have the skills and mindset to compete in these competitions gives me confidence and a sense of reward.

The Caledon Citizen:  In addition to your high school sports team(s), what other community teams do you play for and at what level? 

Alexandra Preventis: In addition to being able to play golf for Robert F Hall, I am a member of the Shelburne advanced junior golf team at Shelburne Golf & Country Club during the golf season. I am fortunate to be coached by Sam Young, a member of the Canadian PGA Hall of Fame for over 50 years. My team participates in the Pepsi Titleist Tour, which is organized by our coach. The tour visits many different courses in Barrie, Muskoka, and Shelburne. It is incredible to see so many amazing girls compete in a sport that is typically dominated by older men and is looked at very stereotypically. In addition, I help Sam and his assistant, Jaymond, with youth golf lessons and summer golf camps.

The Caledon Citizen: How would you describe yourself as a student at Robert F Hall? To which sports teams and clubs do you belong? 

Alexandra Preventis: My ninth grade year started during COVID. It was difficult to focus during school as we were in quadmester and stuck in 2 ½ hour periods. However, I was lucky enough to join the Robert F Hall golf team. The team became an outlet and gave me opportunities to express myself through something I enjoyed. I was also lucky enough to win the golf award at our yearly Robert F Hall athletics banquet. Now that Covid is over, and I'm now in Grade Ten, I find myself to be an outgoing student. I also strive to do my best, even when I find myself struggling. So far, I would say that I am a dedicated student who asks questions and takes action for my learning.

The Caledon Citizen: What are your post-secondary plans regarding prospective academic/athletic destinations? 

Alexandra Preventis: I would love to go to university once I graduate high school. I have no set idea or plan yet, though I have always enjoyed English and have been looking into fields that pertain to mental health and psychology. But overall, I still have no clue what I would like to go into and still have the rest of high school to decide.

 The Caledon Citizen: Who is your role model in terms of the person you admire the most? 

Alexandra Preventis: My role model is one of my older friends on my golf team, Ava. She has always exerted confidence, on and off the course. She is an amazing player and is always there for me. I admire the way she thinks on the golf course and how she can remain calm under pressure. She is the type of player I aspire to be.

The Caledon Citizen:  How do you feel about being nominated as The Caledon Citizen's Student-Athlete? 

Alexandra Preventis: I'm grateful and excited to have been nominated and I'm honoured. This is a really cool opportunity to get to experience because of my sport, and I think it's fantastic. What I find more interesting is that when you read back on previous articles, you get to read about a lot of really talented people my age, especially girls. I hope my story will inspire others the way former articles have inspired me.

If you are a community or high school coach who would like to nominate a Caledon-based student-athlete for The Caledon Citizen's Student Athlete of the Week, please email me at

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