Don’t ‘improve’ Belfountain roads

July 31, 2014   ·   0 Comments

The following letter, addressed to Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa, was submitted to the Citizen for publication.
It is widely reported that despite an expansive provincial budget, yours is the responsibility for eliminating government deficit. Here is an idea to save several million dollars while winning the loud acclaim of local constituents: Cancel the unpopular plan to “improve” the roads and install sidewalks in the hamlet of Belfountain.
The Region of Peel conducted several public consultations on its proposed sidewalks for our historic 100-house hamlet and was met with universal dismay. The improvements, part of a $32 million upgrading of four regional roads, including Mississauga Road and Bush Street that pass through the village, will destroy the character of the village. Roadway rain and melt-water is at risk of being channeled into the Credit River (there being no drain system in Belfountain); instead of being absorbed by the soil. Mature trees will be felled and a suburban atmosphere will be thrust upon our rural settlement. No-one who lives here wants or needs these changes; yet the Region is deaf to the voices of reason and fiscal responsibility
Directly or indirectly, the province will provide part of the funding for the proposed changes. It strikes us, the elected Belfountain Community Organization, that a cash-short government should seize every opportunity, such as this, to eliminate unwanted expenditures and reduce its deficit.
Incidentally, the red sandstone of the Queen’s Park Legislature came from the historic quarries of Belfountain. Our hamlet lies within the Niagara Escarpment, the Green Belt and a UNESCO designated World Biosphere Reserve.
Save $32 million, and earn the thanks of voters. Sounds like a win-win to us.
The Board of Directors
The Belfountain Community Organization



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